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Frequently Asked Questions

1. We are interested in performing Haj / Umrah, what are the requisites?

Ans: (i) You need to provide us original passport, 10 color photos (6*4 cm with white background) for Haj and 5 color photos if it is Umrah.

(ii)Advance Payment for Umrah Package 30.000/- Advance Payment for Hajj Package 10.000/- .

(iii) Pan Card Copy

2. I have other Nationality passport and I am interested to perform Umrah / Haj through your company?

Ans: They need to carry OCI / PIO card along with long life visa in their passports for Umrah Visa stamping, We can arrange return flights to your particular destinations for Umrah Pilgrim. For Other Nationality Passport we can’t apply for Hajj Visa from India.

3. When is the vaccination done? Do I need to approach any particular Doctor?

Ans: The Vaccination will be done before 20 days prior to the travel date. Alhamdulillah, we are arranging vaccination through GEC Panel Doctor with free of cost.

4. Do you have Mobile cash facility in around Chennai or Tamil Nadu?

Ans: Yes, we do arrange within 20 kilometers of Chennai.

5. Do you provide laundry services & sim card in Makkah and Madinah?

Ans: Yes. We provide Laundry service except in AZEEZIYA & Hajj Days.

6. What is the type of accommodation do you provide Makkah & Madinah?

Ans: Accommodation would be 4 people sharing a room with all facilities as per your selected package.

7.Can a pregnant lady or person who has been dialyzed with the certificate from Doctor is allowed to perform Haj or Umrah?

Ans: We don’t entitle pregnant ladies and dialyzed persons to undertake haj or Umrah tour.

8.What are the benefits I am getting in your company when compared to other services?


Salient Features of Al Amanath Haj Service

  • Excellent facilities at the Hilton Towers for dining ( Tamil Nadu food will be provided) and listening to Bayans.
  • Special bus services for Arafah, Mina, Muzdalifah Insha Allah.
  • At Mina, tents will be very close to Jamaraat for all the Haj Packages.
  • For VIP package, toilets are provided separately for our group in Mina and Star Buffet Meals will be provided in Mina. We will provide Air-conditioned tents in Mina and Arafah.
  • Sim cards will be provided to use at Makkah.
  • Laundry Service will be provided.
  • While performing Umrah, our guide will always accompany with your group in daily trips.

9. If we are a batch of 10 persons, due to some reasons if we can’t attend the orientation program conducted by the company on a specific date. Do you arrange separate program in such cases?

Ans: yes we do arrange.

10. For a diabetic patient, is there any arrangement of meals in your package for such persons?

Ans: You need to select the type of food which would be suitable for you, Alhumdulillah we are providing all type of meals.

11. Do you provide wheel chairs for the old persons during Tawaf with guidance?

Ans: If it is a requirement you need to bring wheel chair and do the tawaf or we will guide you the persons who will take you on the wheel chair and perform tawaf on a cost basis which you have to pay.

12. What is your preferred mode of communication?

Ans: Postal is preferred for address verification. We do accept emails also.

13. Do you offer VIP tents in Mina and what are the facilities available?

Ans: Yes, we do offer VIP tents in Mina. Given below are the facilities provided.

  • (i) Tents are very close to Jamarat in Mina.
  • (ii) Air conditioned tents with separate toilets for our group in Mina.
  • (iii) Air conditioned tents for our group in Arafah.
  • (iv) We also offer buffet star meals in Mina and Arafah.

14.Can we make cancellation of the booking at any time? Kindly clarify us?

Cancellation Conditions:-

Once the booking has been confirmed the following charges will be payable in the event of cancellation by the applicant (passenger).

  • Rs.5,000 will be deducted and refunded if the cancellation is made before 45 days to departure.
  • 25% of the total amount paid will be deducted and refunded if the cancellation is made before 21 days of departure.
  • 50% of the total amount paid will be deducted and refunded if the cancellation is made before 15 days to departure.
  • No refund will be provided, if the cancellation is made before 8 days to departure.
  • For refund, Receipts issued at the time of payment should be submitted back.

15. Which flight do you offer? If it is a transit flight, let us know the exact hours of transition.

Ans: We always prefer Saudi. Saudi Airlines would be a direct flight. If there is a chance of transit flight, we will let you know the exact hours of transition during the booking time.